Counseling and Therapy



We live i n a chaotic world where instincts often misguide us and the quest to resolve confusion causes pain.  Psychotherapy seeks understanding of self and how new life skills can be developed to guide one’s way.

Azure’s practice of psychotherapy is founded from a base of Sociometry, the study of interactions with self and others.  A person often seeks psychotherapy with feelings needing  repair.  The healing of this feeling can best be reached by gaining awareness of influences that surround a person’’s world.  The  “seen”  and  the  “unseen”  must  be  given  full  vision.    The  cooperation  of  heart  and  mind   adds  knowledge  of  when  healthy  interaction  with  others  is  possible.

Acceptance  of  power  to  change  launches  the  path  of  wellness.    “It takes  a  long  time  to  create  a  healthy  self,”  (Dr.  Moreno,  founder  of  Sociometry.)

A  difficult  history  need  not  be  an  impediment  to  wellness    It  can  hold  promise  as  a  catalyst  of  change  bringing  strength,  wisom  and  skill,  the  tools  of  living  well.

Anger Management Counseling

Successful anger  management  is  not  simply  improved  willpower,  or  the  abbility  to  take  one’s  mind  off  feelings.    It  does  not  depend  on  resolving  a  conflict  with  another  individual,  nor  does  revenge  give  solutions.    Twenty  first  century  anger  is  a  learned  skill  that  adds  advantage  in  the  face  of  difficulty.

Anger Management counseling involves a series of meetings where skills are learned and reviewed.  The  number  of  sessions  depends  on  the  nature  of  the  issues  that  need  attention.

The  skills  of  Fielding  Anger  give  clear  insight  into  success  in  facing  anger  expressed  by  others.