Sociometry  is a science and art which implements interpersonal wellness, developed  by Dr. Jacob Levy Moreno early in the twentieth century.  Sociometry  includes a strong potential towards healing our social order.  The  famous phrase “eye to eye and face to face” was created by Dr. Moreno in  his poem, Invitation to the Encounter.  HIs work frequently brought  success in cases regarded by others as hopeless. 

Central  to the processes of Sociometry is the practice of improved empathy  through role play, role reversal, doubling, scene setting and sharing.   These can be implemented simply through cognitive exercises or within  the context of a sociometric group event, led by a trained and certified  practitioner.

An  Action Methods Event can be looked forward to with the same  anticipation of seeing a good movie.  The drama is hand tailored to the  real life stories of people attending.  The experienced director guides  the theme towards health and well being.  Each session is carefully  coordinated to support the sensitive needs of those attending.  An event  can be coordinated to allow for a protagonist and group members to have  assurance that they know everyone who will attend.

Sociometric events are scheduled, and coordinated, upon request.